Our Mantra

ACTI provides tools, research, and programming to support quality and equitable undergraduate education for all students. Our member colleges and universities receive distinctive opportunities and international visibility, and our individual members benefit from personal development and active learning that helps them meet higher education’s most pressing challenges.

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Joining the ACTI community unlocks opportunities to research materials, exclusive resources, professional development, and expert guidance for improving the quality of teaching, learning, and assessment.

Our evidence-based best practices and findings from campus models will enable your institution to strengthen its educational delivery and refine its value proposition. Discover pragmatic solutions for addressing urgent social and economic challenges and strengthening our democracy, including:

  • Elevating diversity, equity, and inclusion among students and staff
  • Restoring and building public trust in education
  • Articulating the return on investment for a liberal education

As new issues emerge, whether global, national, or specific to your campus, count on the ACTI community for support at every step.

Why join ACTI?


As both catalyst and facilitator, ACTI builds valuable relationships among diverse college and university leaders — including presidents, administrators, faculty, and professional staff engaged in institutional and curricular development. ACTI Annual Meeting, as well as conferences, institutes and webinars around timely topics and ongoing institutional issues, provide opportunities to share ideas and collaborate in our shared goals to graduate critical thinkers and engaged citizens.


ACTI members benefit from free access to the award-winning Liberal Education magazine, and exclusive newsletters, seminal publications, webinars, and events throughout the year. 


Gain access to leading-edge tools and research to help you improve, measure, and convey your performance. Take part in national grant-funded projects alongside renowned higher education researchers and practitioners and make your voice heard internationally as we shape the higher education narrative.


Through a network of experts and partnerships, ACTI offers members equitable access to professional development that enhances teaching, learning, and other critical skills. Learn more about our current partnerships in the Member Marketplace.


Transform research findings and campus models into actionable steps using ACTI toolkits. Topics range from student assessment and civic engagement to campus diversity. ACTI conferences, institutes and webinars also help members find potential solutions to complex campus issues.