CELI 2024

CELI 2024 Overview

Higher education (HE) is at a crossroad with the call for greater accountability in a period of resource constraints. The sector has a responsibility to ensure value for money and that outputs advance regional and national advancement. Despite this obvious fact, its relevance is oftentimes seemingly contradicted given the pace of
investment HE receives. It is this dilemma that places heavy demands on leaders within the sector to demonstrate responsiveness and innovation.

CELI 2024 Theme

“Leading Higher Education beyond the Norm: The Praxis


  • Institutional Effectiveness in Higher Education
  •  The New Face of Higher
  • Education Assessment
  • Governance in Higher Education: The New Frontier
  • Networking and Partnerships in Higher Education
  • Preparing Future Higher Education Leaders Today
  • Dealing with trauma in Higher Education
  • Achieving greater Higher Education Diversity, Equity &; Inclusion